Vintage Heart

Sellers of vintage, antique, industrial, and repurposed items of all kinds.

Vintage Heart Salvage is a group of highly dedicated "pickers" and collectors with a strong desire to rescue and preserve family, local, state and country history. How often do you toss something in the trash thinking "what a shame" but not knowing how to avoid it. Perhaps Granddad is downsizing and you know in your heart that family piece should stay in the family but there is just no room in your home or your kids have no appreciation for things of the past! Is it worth something? what the heck is it? Could it be repurposed to use in a more modern world? or to better match your décor?  Perhaps you just want a better way of getting rid of vintage or antique items that no longer please you or fit your lifestyle. Let our Salvage Team assist. Contact Jim Firestein on Facebook.